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Home for the holidays tips - Decorate Christmas Cookies


I will be sharing some of my home for the holidays tips. Whether you are stuck at home for the holidays or maybe we should say blessed to have a home for the holidays, these tips will possibly add joy for you, your family and others. Decorating Christmas cookies can be so easy and fun. This can be a special night set aside to bake the cookies. And then another night to decorate. There is an easier option! You can buy cookies already baked and decorate those. Some stores even sell kits. When my children were little, I bought the gingerbread men kits to decorate. It cut out a night of baking. Make this fun and not a chore. You can simply use a can of white frosting and get a couple of tubes of color frosting, sprinkles or you can make your own frosting and add food color. If you are home alone, set up a zoom night with family or friends and have a decorating contest! Make sure to play Christmas music while decorating! Remember to enjoy the holidays.

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