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Home for the holidays - make a Christmas ornament

I will be sharing some of my home for the holidays tips.  Whether you are stuck at home for the holidays or maybe we should say blessed to have a home for the holidays, these tips will possibly add joy for you, your family and others.  Make a homemade ornament!  This can be a fun family activity. and then give them as gifts!  I will always cherish the ornament my dad made for me last year.  He even signed and dated it.  I loved it so much I encouraged him to make more for my sisters.   We were visiting for Christmas and I brought some Christmas craft kits for my kids and Dad joined in and helped.  I am so glad I had extras!    Do you remember making ornaments in school?  I do and my mother still has mine!   The best were the garland made out of construction paper loops.  Stringing popcorn garland was so fun!  I think I will do that with my kids this year but of course use to decorate the outdoor trees and a nice snack for the squirrels!   You can be very creative with your ornament and use things around the house. Or you can purchase ornament kits.  Whatever you make date it 2020 so we can look back on this special year!   Merry Christmas!

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