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Home for the holidays - decorating outdoors

I will be sharing some of my home for the holidays tips.  Whether you are stuck at home for the holidays or maybe we should say blessed to have a home for the holidays, these tips will possibly add joy for you, your family and others.  If you have always decorated outdoors for Christmas or if this will be your 1st year, outdoor decorating adds joy to people you do not know and have never met .  Many of us remember as a child at Christmas the excitement of seeing Christmas lights.   It can be very simple or elaborate.   You can set outdoor timers to have them come on automatically each day.  We set ours around 4:30 so people driving home from work can enjoy.   A simple strand of lights on a tree can add so much.   You can decide on a fun theme.  Red and white lights for a candy cane theme, all white for a more elegant look. Colored lights can be so fun!   Live in an apartment or condo? Decorating your porch, patio or deck is fun and easy.   For many, holiday activities are limited this year. So, I see Christmas light tours being a bigger thing this year! Participating in a home decorating contest can be fun.   This can be a fun project with your community.   Happy holidays and happy decorating!




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