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Home for the holidays- decorate a gingerbread house

I will be sharing some of my home for the holidays tips.  Whether you are stuck at home for the holidays or maybe we should say blessed to have a home for the holidays, these tips will possibly add joy for you, your family and others.    Decorating gingerbread houses can be fun! They can be as simple or elaborate as you want.  You can buy a pre built one, which is recommended if you are a beginner,  it’s put together and you can spend your time and enjoy decorating.   For the more experienced and gingerbread house enthusiast you may start totally from scratch baking your house  assembling and decorating.   For little ones a smaller house made from graham crackers is fun.  Each child can decorate their own.   You can get a small box and hot glue the graham crackers on. But make sure they do not eat the house.   Once you have your house ready, gather your decorations.  You will need frosting, frosting bag or ziplock with hole cut in corner.  Sprinkles, gum drops, marshmallows, candy canes, and any other candies to decorate with.    Make sure there are extra for eating while you decorate!  Make a cup of cocoa, holiday coffee, or a glass of wine, turn on some Christmas music and enjoy the time decorating!  Set up a zoom call with friends and family and chat while decorating and have a decorating contest!  But most of all make this a fun memorable experience!



Shabby Lane


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