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Home for the Holidays


I will be sharing some of my home for the holidays tips. Whether you are stuck at home for the holidays or maybe we should say blessed to have a home for the holidays. Or you are visiting family or having family over, these tips can add some extra joy to your holiday season! Set up a cocoa bar, this can be simple or elaborate. The essentials of course is the cocoa. I always make mine with milk. You can use a mix or homemade. For larger gatherings you can keep it warm in a crock pot. Unless you are a cocoa enthusiast like me and have a cocoa maker with a dispenser! Get peppermint sticks to use as stirrers. Toppings : marshmallows of course! Mini chocolate chips, Cinnamon, whip cream, red hots you get where I am going. If you want to get fancy you can find marshmallows in fun shapes. Doing little things like this can add extra joy for all ages!




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